UC Davis Critical Renewabilities
Lab Members


Francesca (2018-PRESENT)

I am a fourth-year undergrad BioSystems engineering student at UC Davis. My special interests within my field include: biomaterials, bio-mediation, and renewable energies. I hope to contribute—in any way that I can—to create a more progressive, environmentally-sound world.


Jose (2018-PRESENT)

Hey! How’s it going?!

I am a 5th year biological-systems engineering student with an interest in the environment. I’m from Sacramento, CA -- the city of trees! Ever since elementary school, I’ve had the thought of helping the environment in some sort of way. This research will allow me to combine my engineering technical knowledge to assist the environment and slow down global warming.


Hanna (2018-2019)

I was a Biotechnology major and Tech Management minor at UC Davis, as well as a member of the UC Davis Women's Club Soccer team. I'm from Alameda, CA and I enjoy traveling, hiking, watching sports, and trying new foods!


Nadia (2018-2019)

I am a third-year UC Davis student from Napa, California. I am majoring in Community and Regional Development with a minor in Human Rights. I am interested in understanding how different forms of renewable energy affect the health and environment of communities.


Vu (2018-present)

I am a third year, Biological Systems Engineering undergraduate. My interests is biotechnology and biological practices. By applying what I have learned throughout UC Davis, I hope to be able to solve problems and contribute to changing the world and make it a better place.